Welcome to the Congress of Baboons

Baboons are nasty as hell. I have a general aversion to primates, with the exception of lemurs and orangutans, but I find baboons particularly foul, with their beady little eyes, humongous fangs and unpleasant temperament. I am sure that there is a baboon researcher somewhere who would disagree, and they might be right. But I don’t care. I really don’t like baboons.

Therefore, I will not be troubled about what I am going to do: associating an innocent living thing with Hungarian Politics. Because this is what I will be writing about, if I can sustain my own interest. There have been many articles in the English-speaking media about this weird little country and its population of temperamental, smelly apes that live high up in the branches of government. My issue is that most of these pieces were only scratching the surface. What I intend to present is the deepest, darkest bowels of utter insanity that is being produced and reproduced on a daily basis by politicians and their circles, because it is fuckin’ hilarious and I am annoyed that I can’t point my foreign friends to any place where they could read about it in English.

So, this is my goal. I am not a journalist, and I do not intend to act like one. I am about as partial as the cat who wrote the book “Which Pet Deserves the Most Cat Food and Tummy Rubs: The Dog or Me?” and I don’t intend to play nice.


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